Thursday, June 24, 2010

Last few months

Whew! I feel like I just ran a marathon!  The last few months have been a complete world wind of activities and events.  Since I last check in there have been many great and trying adventures that we have been on, here are just a few.  First for the great part of our adventures...we have been very blessed that David received a job offer the second week in May.  It is with US Bank as a branch manager for a small in-store bank located in a grocery store.  While it does not have much staff to supervise it does have it's own challenges.  This particular branch has only been open about 18 months and has NEVER made any of their goals.  Dave has been hard at work to change the "can't" attitudes into "can do" attitudes.

Haley who just turned 13 was called to be Beehive president about 2 months ago.  When she came home from her interview with the Bishop she could hardly contain her excitement!  She quickly went to work reaching out to her fellow Beehives to make them feel loved.  She even went so far as to volunteer to make the girls skirts for Trek for those who's mom's don't sew.  Yes, that is correct Haley has been preparing to go on her first Trek adventure at Martin's Cove in Wyoming.  It is required that they dressed in full pioneer attire so we were off to work making skirts, aprons and bonnets.  When we went to pick out the fabric Haley was not going to settle for just any plain or sutler fabric.  She picked out a blue and green poka dotted fabric for one and a deep red paisley for the other.  With the fabric picked it was off to work to put all the pieces together.  Haley completed both skirts by herself, the apron with a little bit of help and the bonnets where handled by more experienced hands (THANKS GRANDMA BOEHNER!!!).  With all of her gear packed into a small 5 gallon bucket Haley was off to Martin's Cove at 5 am yesterday.  I can't wait to hear her stories when she gets back...AFTER she takes a LONG shower!! 

Alissa has had fun this summer with her friends preparing for a "concert" in the front yard.  They have picked their music and are in the planning stages of the outfits and accessories.  After those are settled...on to the props.  Oh boy!  What have I got on my hands!

Dawson just got back from his first Scout Camp and is completely exhausted!  He passed off several merit badges including archery (why does that scare me a little?).

Now for the Aunt Kathy passed away last week after a year long battle with cancer.  She was only 43 when she was called home.  She leaves behind her 19 year old daughter, Larisa.  I was able to attend the funeral on Tuesday with my mother (the eldest sister to Kathy).  It was a beautiful funeral with lots of family there to support one another.  After we received word that she had passed I had so many emotions that went though me.  As I was editing some of the photos from the funeral I found myself choking back tears.  I realized that some of those emotions were those of loss for my father in law four years ago and how much I miss him and his quite support.  I also realized again how precious eternal families are. 

                                Kathy will be missed.
                        Kathryn Joyce Lindow Spurlock 1966-2010



Hardly know what to say Sara. Life just is so unpredictable. Your children are growing are mine! Your sewing talents have blessed all of our lives. The bouquet you made for my wedding was so appreciated and treasured!!! You have a divine mission and I love you!

WalkConkies said...

So sorry about your aunt, Sara. That is so neat that Haley is on the trek! I can't wait to hear stories as well! We're so excited about Dave's new job and hope all continues to go well. I'm sure he can make things work!!! Love you guys!