Saturday, February 27, 2010

Learning Curve

Alissa came home this last week with a note that she needed a pioneer outfit for the 4th grade play that they are preforming in 2 weeks. There were a couple of options, one being that we would provide a pattern and material and someone else would sew it together. The other option was to make one ourselves. With my work schedule my first choice was to send a pattern and material to school and let some one else sew it. Dave on the other hand decided to mark the option to make one ourselves. So we were off to hunt down a pattern for a pioneer outfit. After locating a pattern it was time to get the material to make what we needed.
When we asked Alissa what color of skirt and bonnet she would like to have she said "pink, the pioneers wore pink!" So pink it is! We were able to find a pretty pink floral that was a smaller print with the perfect pink solid to coordinate the apron. Alissa was soooo excited!
This morning I set out to make the pioneer costum. Haley (who got a sewing machine for Christmas) really wanted to help so I decided to let her put together the skirt. Without a pattern but with a little guidance from Grandma Boehner (thanks mom!) Haley was able to sew her first skirt that even included a ruffle! Haley also helped with the bonnet and apron. All the pieces turned out really well and the best part is, is that Alissa is so excited she is constently trying on her new costum.

After the completion of the pioneer costum Haley wanted to put together an apron for herself. Dave and I had picked up some fun fabrics last weekend and Haley had helped me cut out the pattern. So all we had to do is assemble the basic apron.

With a little guidance and support from mom Haley was able to sew her very own apron. It turned out REALLY cute! She is sooo excited that she now has her very apron that she sewed herself!

Next year in school she is suppose to take a CET class which includes beginging sewing. I have a feeling Haley will have a small advantage over the other kids. The next project she wants to tackle is a skirt for her self and possibly some pillows for her bed. Wish me luck!


The Graham Family! said...

How fun!! I'm jealous.. I want to come have a sewing day with you girls!! I remember the days mom taught me.. and they were so much fun. I'm sure Haley will never forget the time you spent with her to learn to sew. Now i'm wanting to break out my sewing machine and make a cute apron or something! Alissa's costume turned out great.. and same with the apron!

Sleepless In St. George said...

Great job! I saw that your SIL is clogging in St. George in March....Brooke is clogging in the same competition! Would love for you guys to come and visit!


Great job Haley! You guys did great on the outfit and the apron, and I love the fabric used on the apron! I wish I'd had a desire to learn more about sewing back when I lived at takes much more drive when you are a busy mom to try to teach yourself...I could have learned a lot from mom!!!


You are wonderful Sara...want to teach Nicole. jk...I am thinking about signing her up with a class at JoAnns.

WalkConkies said...

The outfit and apron both turned out adorable! Haley has probably passed me up with her sewing skills - I'm pretty pathetic. Way to go!!!