Saturday, June 26, 2010


Haley is home!  Last night Haley returned home from Trek.  They were scheduled to arrive at 6 pm but did not actually arrive until 8:45!  Talk about a worried momma!  Anyway Dave and I were waiting at the stake center when the buses pulled in and started to unload with weary kids and leaders.  As we scanned the crowd for Haley, Dave all of a sudden said "She is over there!" (it is a good thing he is tall, I would have never seen her).  We walked up behind her, Dave tapped her on her shoulder and she spun around.  First thing she did was give me a BIG hug! She then looked up with tears welling up in her eyes and continued to hold onto me.  After digging through the piles of "stuff" we found all of her gear and headed to the car.  Again, Haley had her arms wrapped around me.  During the short drive home she was telling us that there were coyotes that were howling all night long and she did not get ANY sleep.  We were finally able to get her settled down, showered and tucked into bed about 11 pm.  I am proud of her! When others did not lend a helping hand Haley was there with a smile on willing to do anything to help out.  She set up tents, washed the dishes, stoked the fire, pushed and pulled the cart, even was the first one to take care of a womens baby after she died on the Trek west.  She helped out so much her ma wants to adopt her permanently! 


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Not surprised but proud! Haley is such a strong young woman. She is sweet and kind. I love the sound of her voice. She melts my heart! Give her a hug from Grandma!!! :)