Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh, 'Lisa bug!!!

Poor Alissa! She started to not feel well about 2 weeks ago and ended up staying home from school about a week and 1/2 ago. She then developed a persistent cough that we couldn't shake. Yesterday she really started to scare us. She was pale, lethargic, and she didn't want to eat anything, even when we offered her ice cream! Her only complaint was that she was dizzy.

Dave took her into the doctor today at about 9 am. She was diagnosed with pneumonia complicated by asthma. Her O2 level was in the mid 80's so they put her in an inebulizer (sp?) to try and open her lungs, then O2. Every time they took her off the O2 her levels would drop. They ran more tests and gave her antibiotics, steroids and more O2 without success. The doctor would not release her until her levels stayed above 90. Finally at about 2 pm her levels stayed above 90 long enough for the doctor to feel comfortable to release her. She is on 4 different prescriptions including 2 antibiotics, a steroid and an inhaler.

We took Alissa to Mom and Kim's house so that Kim could help Dave give her a blessing. After we got home she started to ask for something to eat (this is a very good sign). I am starting to see small improvements already, including her smiling again.

I am very grateful to have a priesthood holder in the home as well as family close to lend a helping hand. I am also grateful for the blessings that we are receiving to help us get over the speed bumps that Satan puts in our way.



I love you Alissa! Grandpa Kim and I are both praying for the sunshine to come back into your sweet face. Dave & Sara...let us know if there is any change. It is amazing how something like this makes us appreciate how precious life is. Love ya!!!

WalkConkies said...

Poor Alissa. I'm so glad she is okay. Drew has a neblulizer if you guys ever end up needing to use one. He hasn't needed it for a couple years or so - knock on wood. That had to be very scary. There's nothing worse than watching your child in so much pain!!! We love you guys! Give yourself a big squeeze from us, Alissa!