Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wedding Weekend!

This weekend we had the privilage to attend Mom and Kim's wedding. It was fun to have the entire family together again. It isn't very often that the McConkie kids are all able to get together so when we do it is extra special.
This is Mom and Kim just after they married in the Bountiful Temple for time only.Taking in the AMAZING view from the temple!

Kim and Mom with all of Paul's siblings and their spouses!
Mom's bouquet that we were able to pull together at the last minute. It turned out really well if I may say so myself!
We are sooooo happy for Mom and Kim to be able to find each other! I can only image all the good times you two will have together. Just remember to check the wet suits to make sure they are the right side out first! HA! HA! Just Kidding!!!
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