Monday, August 3, 2009

Words Are Not Enough

This is what I looked like this weekend after we had loaded Mom up and moved all of our stuff over to her house. I want to give the brothers and sisters in our ward who helped with the move a huge pat on the back along with the biggest "THANK YOU!!!" ever! After working tirelessly (in 95-100^+ heat) on Thursday to load Mom's things and then get ours into the house. They came back on Friday night just as I was at my complete melt down breaking point to help take in the remaining boxes and furniture that did not make it in the night before. They also moved some of Mom's heavy pieces of furniture that couldn't fit in the truck out of the house into the garage. They will never know what that meant to me and my children! It was also a testimony builder for Haley who just minutes before one of the brethren showed up on Friday had been praying for someone to come and help because her mom did not have any strength or energy left to move in the necessary boxes/ furniture. She later told me that she was so amazed that her prayers were actually answered!

Again, words cannot express my gratitude for those who helped the McConkie families move!
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Sara, I know what you mean. We had an army on our side too! I know it was a sacrafice to have David here. I love you!!!

The Graham Family! said...

I'm so glad you had a little miracle arrive for Haley. What a blessing! I'm glad you got the help you needed. I can't imagine how exhausted you are/must have been! Moving two households would probably make me pass out for a week straight afterwards! I love you Sara! Thanks for being so much help to mom.. it means a lot to me when I can't be there to help.. because I know she's being taken care of. I'm excited to see you guys in a couple days!! yay!