Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Taking it all in!

Not only did we get to attend the wedding this weekend but we also took the kids to Temple Square and Thanksgiving Point. Here is Haley, Alissa, and Dawson just before the family dinner the night before the wedding at Thanksgiving Point.
Dawson loved trying out the podium. Just a few more inches Dawson!

These are the door handles from the Salt Lake Temple...boy did it bring back memories to walk on the temple grounds again!

The kids had sooo much fun taking in everything Temple Square had to offer as well as the stories that Mom and Dad had to share!

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The Graham Family! said...

I loved all the pictures. Can you possibly email me the family pictures you took of our family? Just send all the ones you took of us.. even if they're bad. Thank you!! spacymae@hotmail.com. I love you guys! It was so fun to get to see you guys and hang out at mom's. I hope the job interviews went well.