Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We Are Alive!!

I haven't posted in sooo long! Most of you know that we moved the 1st of September to Utah and things have been a whirlwind ever since. The day after we moved I enrolled the kids in school and off we went! Haley has really blossomed especially in the last few months. We had parent teacher conference last week for her. As a parent you are always ready to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly. Well it was defiantly a parent reward day because ALL of her teachers said what delight she is! They also said that she is a great leader amongst her peers. I don't know who came out with a bigger head...her or me! Alissa and Dawson too have adjusted really well. After the first day of school they both had made all kinds of friends. Dave continues to look for a job. This Thursday he has and interview so keep you fingers crossed. I have started my new job and am trying to be patient as I clean up the mess that was handed to me. I will need to do the clean up quickly because two manager gave their 2 week notice last Friday and I will be taking on more communities.

Our new ward is so happy that we are here...especially since we have a youth age child. There are not many youth in our ward and as Haley puts it...NO CUTE BOYS!!! Which is perfectly okay with her Mom and Dad. We love the area, we have incredible sunsets and views out our windows. The kids love watching the para gliders jump off the point of the mountain, I don't think I can get enough of watching that either. It fascinates me, not that I would ever actually do any paragliding but it certainly is fun to watch! Well until I can catch another few minutes...Take Care!

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