Monday, December 22, 2008

Makin' a list & Checkin' it twice

In these last few day before Christmas I have been going over in my head everything that I either wanted to do or needed to do this year in preparation for the upcoming special day and making sure everything got checked off.

Decorate the house - check!
Attend kids holiday program -check!
Make holiday treats for friends and family with kids - check!
Deliver goodie plates - check!
Shop for the perfect gifts - check!
Wrap all of those perfect gifts - check!
Teach my kids that giving is better than receiving - check!
Pray for a white Christams (okay, maybe I prayed a little too hard. SORRY!)- check!
Read Luke 2 with my children - check!
Sing Christmas songs while paying attention to the words (I usually ended up crying by the end of most of them.) -check!
Reconnect with family and friends - check!
Give service to someone in need - check!

I guess greatest thing left to do is enjoy the last few days with my family while reflecting on why we celebrate this time of year. I am still in awe that one women named Mary had enough faith to give birth to our Savior. How precious a gift that child was.

Merry Christmas!

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WalkConkies said...

Sounds like you guys are having a wonderful Christmas. Wish we could drop by!!! We love you guys! Thanks for taking care of Jazz and Mom's house!