Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Slow and Go!

Yesterday I had to make a trip to Puyallup for business. The drive over was quick and painless especially since the kids did not join me making it so there where not any "pit" stops along the way. The original plan was that I would go over on Tuesday and return late Wednesday afternoon. Well as we all know what happens when you try and plan around the weather in the Northwest especially in the middle of December. I woke up this morning at my usually time to get ready to head into the office. Upon leaving my friends house where I had spent the night there was about 2-3 inches of snow covering the ground and my car. My first thought was, no big deal I will just remember what I was taught about winter driving-"slow and go". Getting into to the office was a breeze. School was cancelled so traffic was light. Within an hour of getting to the office I was starting to get worried due to that I still had to travel home over Snoqualmie Pass and there was no sign of the snow slowing down, let alone stopping. After a quick conversation with my boss the decision was made that I would head for home. I was making great time as the roads were just wet, UNTIL I hit just east of North Bend. The road started to get really scary in a hurry. I kept reminding my self "slow and go, slow and go". I also kept asking Heavenly Father to keep me safe. There were many time I just wanted to pull over and cry and then call Dave to come rescue me, but I didn't! After stopping for the third time to break the ice off my windshield wipers so that I could at least see a little, I spoke to Dave. He asked how it was going and I let it all out including the count of 8 jacknifed semis and countless number of cars off the side of the road. He said for me to hang in there and that it should get alot better once I got pass Cle Elum. Well guess what! He was right! After white nuckling it(and only going about 30 mph)all the way over the pass it finally cleared up just about 5 miles east of Cle Elum. Boy was I ever grateful that I had made it safe. I was grateful for a husband who kept encouraging me to hang in there, A Heavenly Father who helped keep me safe, the red car in front of me who at times was my only visual reference during the heaviest snowfall, and for the plow drivers who plow the pass even when the snow seems to fall faster than what they can keep up with. I am also greatful to be home with my family. Next time we go over the pass during a winter snow storm Dave will be driving and I will be his navigator!


The Graham Family! said...

Glad you made it back safe sara! That pass is so scary when it's bad!! We took 7 hours to get from seattle to moses lake once cuz of the snow!! Thank heavens we've all made it out of bad storms like that alive.

WalkConkies said...

I'm so glad you made it OK, Sara! Andy is finally headed home w/ Mom and Nicole b/c their plane was delayed a full day and then several more hours and then they couldn't land and had to go back to Boise, etc., etc. Winter traveling is so much fun. So, I suggest you guys come visit Utah this Spring :)!!!