Friday, December 26, 2008


Our day started at about 7 am with us waking the kids (first time that has ever happened!). As they came downstairs they were greeted with goodies that Santa had left behind. After the excitement of what Santa had brought had been satisfied the kids then turned to the presents under the tree. One by one they all took turns opening the suprises that awaited them. Haley got a journal, art supplies, clothes, shoes, and of course some jewelry. Alissa was excited to get the "Tale of Despereaux" book, Tinkerbell fairy figurines, clothes, shoes, and some braclets. Dawson scored big with a "Ben 10" Wii game, a "Ben 10" movie, legos (the little ones, as requested), a remote control car, a magnetic cube that he can break apart reassemble into over 20 different configurations, and two light saber because it is not as much fun without one for your friend(Uncle Ryan needs to beware, he will want to play with you next time you are up). They were very greatful for everything, Dawson even said that Santa and his elves were AWESOME! and knew exactly what he wanted! Who would have thought!

We spent the rest of the day relaxing and spending time as a family. I only wish I had a week full of day as relaxing as yesterday was. Late Christmas night the fog set in and the tempatures dropped (AGAIN!). This morning as I stepped outside to go to work I was met with a breathtaking view of everything with a white icy coating on it. Even the icicles had icy "fur" on them. It was so beautiful to see the trees in this white icy coat with the sunlight shining on them making them shimmer.

We are now bracing ourselves for another round of snow but the upside is that we are going to be warming up to the low 30's (a real heat wave!). I know that we are not the only ones getting hit hard this year with the winter weather so I hope everyone stays safe and warm.


The Graham Family! said...

Ryan is excited! He wanted a spring loaded light saber for christmas.. lets just say santa said he's too old for it.. so he didn't get it! Poor guy! I'm sure he'll be excited to play with dawson when we come next time!! Glad you guys had a good christmas!!!


How fun that you guys had a White Christmas!! It sounds like your kids had a very good Christmas! How did the hats fit?