Friday, February 20, 2009

Ups and Downs

It is the end of another week, and what a week it was! Dave found out that they were moving his banking center into a new region. He is very excited to be working with his "new" boss. He also had to go fill in at the Omak banking center again because they are still without a manager. I had a condo on the "west side" that the fire alarm box was not working properly. That meant that I had to walk my assistant through what needed to be done even when it entailed waking a night shift worker in the middle of the morning so that he could let us into his garage where the breaker box was. He was NOT HAPPY! If we couldn't get it repaired before the battery back up lost all juice we would have had to do a 24 hr a day "fire watch" just in case. I was also asked to help with the RS Birthday dinner in 3 weeks. (YIKES!!! Is that enough time to plan an event?!)
Then on top of this already busy and emotional week, my side of the family has had many trials thrown at them including (but not limited to) emergency surgery to remove a large tumor of the colon and an unexpected loss of employment. Needless to say I have had every emotion possible this week. What I have concluded is that Satan is VERY real but the Lord is in charge. Things are done on His time table, not ours. There is a reason for everything and He doesn't make mistakes. Our part in this is to do our best. When we have done everything we can He will be there to comfort us, guide us, give us tender mercies and bless us. He loves us unconditionally.



Holy Cow Sara...I had no idea! We really do need to have a GDO!!! Hopefully next week is better for all of us. Between the return of my "Stocker" and ups & downs at work it wasn't my Best Week So Far! I love ya...MOM

tamikay said...

Sounds like you're a little busy! I hope things go better for you this week. You should do what one of our wards did for the RS birthday dinner. They had people sign up to decorate a table "birthday style." It was so fun. Some tables were decked out with china and fancy decorations, while others had fun birthday paper plates and balloons. It was fun to have variety, and it helped the R.S. budget and time going into it! They also had people sign up to do the cakes, and they placed one cake on each table. It is fun to see what talents people have to share. I know you're the one they need to pull it off!