Monday, February 23, 2009

Come What May and Love It

A friend of mine posted this on facebook this morning. After watching it I thought it might be worth sharing. What profound words.

Words from George B Wirthlin


The Graham Family! said...

Thank you Sara!! I'm glad you posted that and I'm tempted to post it on my blog too! That is definitely one of the most uplifting talks. I remember him giving that talk and I've always loved it since. We have no control over what happens and we don't always have to love what happens.. but we can always find comfort that we are loved and we can make it thru anything thrown our way.. otherwise the Lord wouldn't have thrown that trial our way!! I love you sara and hope things are going better this week! I'm sorry you had such a rough week last week.. those are never fun. Wish I could give you a big hug!!


Thank you Sara! I needed that! I just lived a week worth of frustration in one day! I am going to put this saying up where I remember!

WalkConkies said...

I love that talk. Thanks for sharing! Elder Worthlin will definitely be missed! I'm thankful that we still have his messages here - this is one of my favorites. I think it was this same talk where he told about his daughter thinking that their babysitter was her blind date. He said he never did get to greet her blind date b/c he was in the kitchen laughin so hard he couldn't stop :)! He sure had a great sense of humor and a wonderful spirit!