Thursday, October 8, 2009

Off to the Races!!!

With Dawson turning 8 he is now a cub scout and with that comes the PINEWOOD DERBY!!!!! I don't know who was more excited to find out that Dawson just squeezed in under the deadline to enter this years derby...Dawson or David. After finding out that they had one week to put a car together they were off and running to make "the best car EVER!" First was the couldn't just be a square block of wood with wheels, it had to be something worthy of Dawson's love of cars.

Next Dawson watched as Dave cut out the intricate design on the scroll saw that was borrowed from Grandma Sanderson (THANK YOU GRANDMA!)

Dawson thought it was really cool how the saw worked and it was even cooler when he saw the shape of his car coming together.

After they cut it out, glued a couple of pieces on, and sanded it really good it was time for a coat of paint. When we asked Dawson what color he wanted he did not hesitate to say "RED, nothing but RED!" So Dave hunted down the perfect red with a little "flare". I don't know if you can tell but it has "sparkles" in the paint.

They still have quite a bit of work to do on it but I have 2 very excited boys who can hardly wait to get this car on the track. I have to keep reminding both of them that regardless if they win or not it is the fun that they had together creating this "masterpiece". I will let you all know how it goes next week!


tamikay said...

Too fun! Have you watched "Down and Derby" yet? If need to. I'm sure Dave is nothing like the fathers on that movie!!!


I love the race car!!! It reminds me of when I helped David with his car. What a disaster?!? Good thing Dawson has David. I think Dad was in harvest. How did you kids survive, having me for a Mom!

WalkConkies said...

Okay, that picture of David's finger right next to the blade just gives me the creeps!!! Glad he still has all his fingers attached - it looks great!!! We'll have to get some tips from you guys next year!