Monday, May 18, 2009


I guess it is time for an update on the coming and going of our family. It has been about 6 weeks since Dave lost his job. While he has been applying for jobs in multiple locations we have yet to hear anything from anyone. We are still hopeful that something will happen soon while we continue to praying that we will be guided to where we are to go and what we are to do. I continue to work to grow the business here in central and eastern WA. I am currently preparing for a Board Member Basics training class the first weekend in June.
Dave's mom recently got engaged to a great guy from Utah. We are thrilled for her and excited to welcome Kim into the family. We have yet to meet him face to face but already love him for the way he loves and care for Sharon. As the wedding date approaches we will continue to support and help Sharon prepare for the impending move.
As for the kids, they are growing up sooo fast!! Haley will enter into Young Womens on June 14th! Three days after her 12th birthday she will get to attend a youth temple trip. She is also excited to get to go to girls camp for the first time this year. Alissa is struggling with not being the mom. She likes to be in control of everyone and everything and has a hard time letting go. Oh the growing pains! Dawson is my little gentleman who loves his mom as he puts it..."to the moon and back!" He is finishing his 1st grade year will a bang. His reading and math scores are at almost at 3rd grade level! WOW!! Which is funny because we have a hard time getting him to read much at all. He must get it from his Dad, the genius of the family!
All in all things are going well as we continue on life's journey. Stay tuned, more updates to come!



I will continue to pray for a job in "UTAH" to open up. I appreciate the love and support you have been as I have traveled through uncharted waters...I love you!!! MOM

WalkConkies said...

Your prayers aren't alone, Sara and David! We love you guys and would definitely be happy if these changes brought you to Utah!!!