Monday, December 1, 2008


It is official! Our house in Puyallup sold after being on the market for 6 months. The final papers were signed last Tuesday and then recorded with the County on Wednesday. It was a long and stressful process but we have survived and have been blessed to be here in Moses Lake. We have had to get use to not being able to just run down the road to the mall or Target but the blessings have out weighed the shopping hassel. We are just think of it as an instant savings plan!

Words cannot express how grateful we are to those who kept us in their prayers, they certainly helped. We love being close to Mom and Nicole and the kids can't seem to get enough of them. We love the slower pace of life and that "traffic" means that there are 3 cars in front of you at the stop light. We love the ward. We love that we feel safe enough to let our kids play in the front yard. We love the SUN!!! We love that there will be snow because we haven't seen more than a dusting in 4 YEARS!! I love being able to take Nicole and Haley to school in the morning and laugh with them about boys, school, music, etc. Okay, okay, you get the picture! WE LOVE BEING HERE!!!!!!



I love your blog! How fun to read. Thank You Sara, once again you filled a gap in my life. I love having your are more than a daughter in are my FRIEND!

The Graham Family! said...

Sara.. you did a great job on your blog!! I had to have someone walk me thru it and you did amazing without any help! Nice work! Glad you joined the blogging world. It's fun to keep in touch and see what everyone is up to. Thanks again.. SO MUCH for inviting us to stay at your house last week!! You guys are awesome and we appreciate all you did so much. Oh.. I think I left my cell phone charger up in your office?? Mom said she'll check and mail it! Thanks again!!

East said...

Mom- Thanks! I love the new creative outlet the blog gives me. I also love being part of the McConkie family.

Stacy- I learn something new everyday about this blogging thing. As you can see from the my new header I have learned to put together my own "custom" header. I'm sure there is a tone more that I need to learn but I will get it eventually! I will check for your charger.

Rachel Rackham Westhoff said...

Hey Sara-

Thanks for the invite!! Congrats on the sale. We will be listing ours in the Spring of '10 and I'm already worrying about selling it!!

WalkConkies said...

How fun, Sara! It looks great and I'm excited to stay in touch better! Someday maybe I'll have a second to find out how to make my blog cute too and maybe even post something! We are so thankful that your home sold and that things worked out! It was sooo good to see you guys over Thanksgiving! Cute pictures! Love you guys!