Monday, December 8, 2008

Rembering a GREAT day!

Today I was thinking how much fun we had a few months ago on a day trip. Durning Labor Day weekend we were invited to go to Dave's Grandpa Spark's cabin at Lake Roseavelt. I was absolutely beautiful there! The water was sooo blue, there was a slight cool breeze, and it was quiet! Grandpa Sparks took us for a ride in his jet boat and as we are hopping waves Dawson leans over to me and say "Mom, we have to get one of these. It's AWESOME!!!!" It was one of the most relaxing days we have had in awhile. The photo of the water is the view from the cabin, it is absolutly gorgeous!! I also got a photo of Dave and his grandpa putting the boat into the water. One the way back from the lake we stopped at a couple of place that we thought looked pretty cool. In the photos below you will see an old school house that is out in the middle of no where. It was the coolest thing. You could see some of the original fixtures and red exterior paint. The road that it sits off of is actually called "Ole School House Rd". We love going on day trips just to see what we run across. You never know when you will find a photo op. This country is very beautiful is so many ways. From the mountains that take my breath away, to the sunsets that remind me to take a deep breath and relax.


WalkConkies said...

The pictures are beautiful. Those are the best pictures - the ones that remind you that life really can be peaceful and beautiful!!!!!

WalkConkies said...

Not that family pictures of messes, chaos, and goofiness aren't great too :)! Hee Hee. I had to add that because I got to thinking that is most of what is on my blog right now!